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Pharmagel Travel Size Enzyme Ex-Cell now available at Ball Beauty Supply

Pharmagel Enzyme Ex-Cell Exfoliating Dermal Scrub 3 oz Tube

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Pharmagel Enzyme Ex-Cell Exfoliating Dermal Scrub 3 oz Tube - NEW size

Product Classification:
Enzyme Ex-Cell®, a naturally formulated exfoliating dermal scrub, refines the pores leaving your skin a smoother texture. All natural polishing grains act as the physical exfoliant, while papaya extracts act as the natural exfoliant providing maximum benefit for your skin. Men can use prior to shaving for a smoother, closer shave.

Method of Use:
After cleaning apply Enzyme Ex-Cell®, to wet skin & gently massage. Rinse with lukewarm water & pat dry. Can be used as a body scrub.

Active Ingredients:
Micronized walnut-shell powder -Used for physical exfoliation (will not tear the skin). Papaya Extract -Promotes Cellular Renewal through exfoliation. Sunflower Oil -Emollient rich in fatty acids; alternative to Mineral Oil. Allantoin -Calms and soothes.

Exfoliation increases cellular renewal rates and improves skin texture.

Skin “throws off” dead skin on the upper layer every four hours. It is the dead skin lying on the surface of the skin, combined with oils & other body wastes & atmospheric pollution, that makes our faces dirty.

Most older individuals believe that brushing & scrubbing will dry their skin. Actually, the effect is exactly the opposite. It gets rid of the upper layer of skin, stimulating oil production and encouraging new cell growth. This enables the nourishment you put on your skin, in the form of moisturizers and creams, to work more effectively.

Sloughing away dead skin cells and other debris maintains the look and texture of your skin as you get older.

Every few weeks the top of skin regenerates completely, as new cells travel up from the lower dermis to the surface of the epidermis, then gradually harden, die, and fall off. In your 20’s, dead skin cells stick around for about three weeks.

With age and sun damage, the process slows, and worn out cells may overstay by an additional 20 days or more. This makes your complexion look dull, dry and weather beaten, and it prevents moisturizers from penetrating deep enough to do their job.

Women with oily skin may end up with black heads & enlarged pores because dead cells plug the openings, preventing oil from flowing out. By exfoliating you can enhance the effectiveness of other products & help your skin look and feel more radiant.

What is the best way to exfoliate? Note the size of the granules; a fine gritty texture is what you want.