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About Us

Growing Up With Ball Beauty

Ball Beauty Supply was established on March 1, 1950 by Ben and Shirley Lerner. Ben and Shirley prided themselves on offering high quality beauty products and supplies at fair prices. It was the first company to sell beauty supplies to the general public. Ball Beauty became such a sensation that they would often make special deliveries to the studios. Over the years, the store has been visited by many celebrities, musicians, and loved dearly by the Los Angeles community.


Shirley Lerner and Paul Sutton (Shirley’s nephew) began running the store in 1973 when Mr. Lerner passed away. Shirley became the rock of the store, everyone that shopped there knew her for her great customer service and dedication to the family business. Paul started in 1996, when selling beauty supplies online was unimaginable. He was one of the first e-tailors to introduce a user friendly website that attracted a strong customer base all over the world through excellent customer service and competitive pricing. 

Ball Beauty is a highly praised store due to its excellent customer service and its vast collection of high end products. It has been a hidden gem to all of the top hairstylists and salons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, like Elizabeth Arden, Larry Browser and Gene Shacove. With time our client list has had a significant growth from catering to our neighborhood customers to successfully incorporating high profile clients. This has allowed the business to evolve into a well distinguished company.


The store was recently purchased by Rachel, who grew up near Fairfax Village where Ball Beauty was first located. She has known the store for years and was familiar with the community where the company began to flourish. Her grandparents had a mom-and-pop dry goods store on Fairfax Avenue for 35 years. Rachel then felt compelled to preserve a part of the Fairfax retail District history by continuing to run the store and website. Since then she has dedicated herself and become very passionate in continuing the tradition and ethics that established the store.


Ball Beauty will continue projecting its outstanding customer service, excellent variety in high quality products, and competitive prices. It will maintain our current selection in items, but will also extend our variety by introducing new and exciting products. There will also be lots of amazing in-store promotions as well as exciting events.

Ball Beauty Team