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Cinema Secrets Cosmetics and Beauty Tools

Founded in 1984 by famous makeup artist, Maurice Stein, Cinema Secrets is a cosmetic and beauty tool line that delivers quality and innovation. Cinema Secrets offers a versatile cosmetic line together with amazing makeup tools for the makeup industry and makeup junkies everywhere. One of the best brush cleaners on the market today is the one from cinema secrets, it is known for its rich blue color and vanilla scent. Top professionals rely on the quick-drying formula to clean, sanitize, and leave tools with a pleasant smell. The large powder puff is used for setting powder, the stainless steel spatula is key for keeping your makeup supply sanitary and fresh. The stainless steel palette is great for anyone to get in the habit of applying makeup and skin care with ease. The stainless steel palette also will help to keep your makeup supply more sanitary. Every bridal makeup artist knows the power of the super sealer from Cinema Secrets, it is essential in keeping any flawless face perfect on your special day, on set or off, or just at the office!
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