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Pharmagel Complexe Eye Beaute Puffy Eye Treatment Pads - 60ct

Pharmagel Complexe Eye Beaute Puffy Eye Treatment Pads - 60ct

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Pharmagel Complexe Eye Beaute Puffy Eye Treatment Pads - 60ct

Product Classification:
Complexe Eye Beauté®, unique herbal treatment in pad form- relieves the effects of puffy, swollen eye tissue often associated with allergies, fluid retention, aging and PMS. The vulnerable eye area is relatively thinner than other facial skin. As we mature, the skin around the eyes loses elasticity and therefore is susceptible to the retention of water and fat, producing bags or eye pouches. Eye Beauté®’s high concentration of botanical extracts, smoothes and reduces that puffy, swollen appearance. Fragrance free, oil free and hypo allergenic, Eye Beauté® is also wonderful for contact lens wearers.

Method of Use:
Place one pad over each closed eye and relax for 5 or more minutes. Discard pads after use. Can be refrigerated for an extra “pick me up.” Also, great for sinus headaches and allergies.

Active Ingredients:
Cucumber Extract: Anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Chamomile Extract: Anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Cornflower Extract: Anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Birch Leaf Extract: Antiinflammatory and decongestant. Birch Sap Extract: Anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Clover Blossom Extract: Anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Nettle Extract: Anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Yarrow Extract: Primary anti-inflammatory and decongestant.

Derived from the flower petal, Calendula acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Derived from the berry, Yarrow is an anti-inflammatory. Assists in infections, mucous membranes, increases perspiration and dermal respiration.

Chamomile nourishes the skin.

In addition to toning the skin, rosemary helps stimulate the circulation of blood to skin with poor circulation.

“Cool as a cucumber” is more than just a phrase. Cucumbers seem actually cooling to the system, and are used around the world on the skin as a refiner, purifier, and refresher.

Distilled from the bark, leaves & flower-bearing twigs of the hamamelis plant, witch hazel acts as an antiseptic and astringent.