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GiGi Speed Waxer Roll-On Waxing System

GiGi Speed Waxer Roll-On Waxing System

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The GiGi SpeedWaxer Roll-On Waxing System is a convenient and affordable waxing unit for waxers at all levels. This highly effective system comes complete with two of GiGi's exceptional wax formulas: original, world famous GiGi Honee and soothing Tea Tree Creme guaranteed to give your clients smooth, hair-free skin in seconds. With the debut of this innovative SpeedWaxer Roll-On Waxing System, this fast and reliable waxing method is at your fingertips for results that are beautifully bare! Product Includes: 1 Kit

  • Speedwaxer Roll-On Waxer 1

  • Honee Wax Refill 2 Lg

  • Honee Wax Refill 1 M

  • Honee Wax Refill 1 Sm

  • Tea Tree Cream Wax Refill 2 Lg

  • Tea Tree Cream Wax Refill 1 Sm

  • Roller Heads 3 Lg

  • Roller Heads 1 M

  • Roller Heads 1 Sm

  • Roller Heads 1 Fine

  • Instruction Manual 1