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La Viola, the dry skin cream that really works!

Fast, effective relief for rough, dry skin. Soothing, moisturizing emolients and therapeutic ingredients that help heal and relieve the discomforts of chapped , windburned and sunburned skin. Regular use promotes healthy, naturally soft skin.

La Viola Creme has been our most popular dry skin remedy for 30 years. You'll be amazed at the results in only days after you begin using it. Our founder, Shirley Lerner who lived to be 90 years old, used La Viola for years. Her hands were remarkably soft and young-looking. We strongly recommend that you give La Viola a try. Use sparingly. A little goes a long way.

Available in Original Scented or Unscented.

Ball Beauty Price: $13.95  La Viola Dry Skin Cream

La Viola Dry Skin Cream