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Frownies - Reverse the signs of aging.... naturally!!

FrowniesFrownies Wrinkle Reducing Patches        144 count box: $15.95 FREE Shipping  Frownies Anti Wrinkle Patches

What in the world are Frownies?

Frownies are facial smoothers or patches made from natural, skin-friendly materials that are applied to the forehead and corners of the eyes and mouth to gently re-educate the underlying muscles to re-assume their correct, relaxed and natural tone. Frownies allow the muscles to regain the strength and tone they have lost thereby helping men and women improve frown lines and wrinkles naturally. A wrinkle treatment that addresses the physical cause of deep lines and wrinkles in the skin, Frownies are facial pads made from natural, skin-friendly materials. Frownies are applied to the forehead winkles between the eyes and across the forehead as well as the crows feet at the corners of the eyes and mouth to gently re-educate the underlying muscles to assume their correct, relaxed and natural appearance. Frownies, traditional patch works at night to eliminate skin wrinkles in fact, allow the deep expression lines to heal leaving younger, relaxed-looking skin. Frownies are a true anti-aging skin treatment!

Frownies were created in 1889 after Margaret Kroesen discovered that her daughter Alice, a concert pianist, had developed unsightly wrinkles and frown lines. With a desire to maintain her youthful beauty and stage presence, Mrs. Kroesen created Wrinkle Eradicators (as they were first called) by employing the basic principle of fitness to the muscles of the face. At the time, there was no thought of producing them for anyone else but herself and her daughter. But Alice, after using her mother's amazing invention, was a living testimony, and it became clear that women and men everywhere could benefit from these Wrinkle Eradicators.


Frownies Under Eye PatchesFrownies Under Eye Gels Treatment Patch 3 Reusable Sets of 2 Patches: $29.95 FREE Shipping  Frownies Under Eye Patches

Imagine reversing the signs of aging around the eyes. With one 30 minute treatment 100% of women testing Frownies eye gels saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

How Eye Gels Work
The weight of the patch smooths the under eye area and trans-dermally protects the integrity of the acid mantle and skin layers. Frownies Eye Gels promote beauty by helping increase circulation, build collagen and providing antioxidants to fight free radical damage. Natural ingredients help protect the DNA, firm skin, reduce fine lines and normalize skin coloration.



Rose WaterFrownies Rose Water Hydration Spray  Special Price: $8.95  FREE Shipping Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray

Rose Water Hydrator/Toner-Hydrate & Plump Fine Lines
Frownies Hydrating Spray used as a daily beauty plumper and toner. After cleansing use Rose Water on the entire face, neck and décolletage to prepare skin for other treatment products or cosmetics. Frownies Hydrating Spray will compliment the pH balance of the skin and further reduce pore size as it begins to plump fine lines and wrinkles. Rose Water from essential oil of rose is antibacterial wrinkle treatment and helps prevent blemishes on the skin. Rose Water Hydrator and hyaluronic acid are a wonderfully refreshing pick up after exercising, during air travel or anytime a warm dry environment threatens to dehydrate and age skin. Frownies Hydrator can be used throughout the day to refresh the face and neck. Carry it in your hand bag and freshen the face as needed.


Frownies Gentle Lifts Lip TreatmentFrownies Gentle Lifts Lip Line Treatment 60 Reusable Patches: $24.95  FREE Shipping Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray

NEW! Gentle Lifts for Fine Lines around the Lips:

  • First self-help product to Reduce Horizontal and Vertical Lip Lines
  • Smokers lines, lipstick lines, vertical lines call them what you will; we don't like them.
  • Smoking, drinking through a straw and general facial expression can lead to horizontal and vertical lines around the lips.
  • Until now the only option was to cut the traditional Frownies Facial paper Patches to fit the upper or lower lip area and of course you can opt for injections.
  • Frownies the alternative to fillers, and other chemical inject able products, developed Gentle Lifts to fit comfortably around the lip area. Worn at least 3 hours but can be left on overnight, Gentle Lifts smooth and flatten lines and wrinkles.