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La Femme Professional 7 inch Wooden Eyebrow Pencil

La Femme Professional 7 inch Wooden Eyebrow Pencil

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La Femme Professional Eye Pencil

The Professional 7”pencil, by La Femme, a cosmetic company since 1957, is semi-soft professional makeup pencil for defining the eyes and lips. Le Femme Pencils have always been a staple in many pro makeup artists kits for decades, we carry a variety of colors. These professional grade pencils have a great balance of their length, and deliver perfect coloring results. The artist has complete control: using light pressure for soft color, or firm pressure for stronger color effects.

Pro Tip: Pros love the 7”because of the right balance like a brush. Taupe is a color every pro and beginner should have in their kit because it works well with various skin tones and is excellent for eye and brow definition. It is best to warm the pencil point with your fingers before using.