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Beleza Supreme Beauty Skin Cream (4 oz.)

Beleza Supreme Beauty Skin Cream (4 oz.)

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Rich, Pure, Natural & Fragrance Free High Protein SUPREME Formula
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Based on 100% pure organics. No drugs, waxes, emulsifiers, thickeners, or preservatives.

Provides daily natural nourishment and protection for your skin. Beleza is your every day beauty requirement for dry skin or minor skin problems.

Use Beleza as a foundation cream. Apply sparsely under your makeup, with gentle strokes, to create a protective barrier against dirt, dryness and exposure to environmental elements.

As a night cream... to give its penetrating earbs and opportunity to achieve the proper stimulation and circulation so necessary to a luminous and healthy skin.

You will see and feel the natural, fresh, rosy radiance of youthful skin begin to reappear every time you use Beleza. Your skin's natural beauty will steadily improve.