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Tend Skin PureFection Deodorant 2.1oz  DISCONTINUED

Tend Skin PureFection Deodorant 2.1oz DISCONTINUED

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is the next generation in underarm odor products. You will find it's odor protection second to none. So what's the deodorant secret? Simple! It contains the major ingredients found in Tend Skin® Liquid, our ingrown hair/razor bump product.


PUREFECTION® Deodorant will smell “chemically”. This is because it contains no fragrance. This smell will fade in 10 seconds after applying it to the skin. Rub it on the back of your hand and check for yourself.

The deodorant effect of Tend Skin® Liquid was discovered accidentally by women who were using Tend Skin® Liquid to control underarm ingrown hairs. They soon discovered they didn't need their deodorant products any longer. Tend Skin® Liquid did the trick. Unfortunately, in its liquid form, it was inconvenient to apply, thus we created the solid product.

Women! You will not get that “burning” feeling under your arms when applying PUREFECTION® Deodorant after shaving like you experience with standard deodorants products.