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Senna Form-A-Brow Kit
Senna Form-A-Brow Kit

Senna Form-A-Brow Kit

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Form-A-Brow® Kit
Creates the perfect brow in seconds

Faint, disappearing brows Sparse brows
No tail brows Over-tweezed / over-waxed brows
Arch-less brows Late-starting brows

This is the original complete brow stencil kit that remains a best seller over the years. Its classic brow stencil shapes work for virtually all brows and define the face beautifully, based on the professional 3-point brow shaping technique taught in the finest beauty schools. In this one compact, you’ll have the best of Eugenia’s expertise and brow artistry in your home to use daily.

Form-A-Brow contains:

4 Brow Stencils
3 Brow Powder Colors in mirrored compact
Brow Grooming and Coloring Brush