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Sebastian Cellophanes
New Cellophane color chart
Sebastian Cellophanes
Sebastian Cellophanes

Sebastian Cellophanes

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Sebastian Cellophanes

Ammonia-Free Colorizing Gloss Treatment
Ammonia-free colorizing gloss
to shine, shade and dramatize
shapes. Translucently illuminates
each strand.


divide damp hair into 4 sections
and apply the color from root to
tip, avoiding the scalp. cover
hair and heat 15-20 minutes.
let cool, rinse, shampoo and condition.



Deep Brunette

Deep Brunette is a sultry diva, delving into deep chestnut shades. This brunette beauty shows off her darker side with intense Latin tones. Use over medium to dark brown hair for richness and extraordinary depth of color. Lighter brunettes experience a delicious rich brown

Golden Brunette

Golden Brunette is a chameleon, changing in the light, changing her hair to suit her mood. Burnished brown flecked with gold, this girly goddess plays on her two-tone dimensions. Playful and fun, she sees the lighter side of everything - in her hair and her life. Light brunettes can become natural blonde-enhanced browns. Blondes can delve into their darker side, dazzling with honey-brown highlights.

Red Brunette

Red Brunette is full of mystery musings, whether a classic brunette or burnished rouge. This beauty sashays from shade to shade, her auburn tones bewitchingly beautiful. Red brunette flirt with color, adding a pinch of spice to brown hair or intriguing hints of red to deeper browns. Faded redheads can renew their richness with Red Brunette for increased depth and vitality.

Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde is gorgeously gleaming, deep and intense. A celeb-beautiful blonde, she recalls the golden era of rich, gleaming godessess portrayed by screen lit sirens. This star-making Golden Blonde shade can put almost any girl in the gleam of the spotlight. Luminous on lighter redheads, it also serves as a glorious canvas for blondes and light brunettes alike.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde is an urban western girl with more than a touch of rhinestone-gleaming glam. Her fabulous flaxen, wheat-toned tressess recall her native plains, flowing at home in the prairie wind as well as Times Square. Honey Blonde can be mixed with equal parts of Pearl Blonde for a warm beige tone. Use Honey Blonde over highlights or to tone over any blonde shade.

Pearl Blonde

Pearl Blonde girls are the shiny, stellar super-stars of life, lighting up the night with a show-stopping shock of shimmering-white blonde. Use Pearl Blonde as an overlay to reduce yellow undertones on all blondes - the violet base tones down brassiness while remaining sheer. Pearl Blonde can even be used as an in-between brightener and conditioning service on other blonde shades.


A colorless shine that gives hair a mirror gloss reflection. Cellophanes Clear is ideal for all hair types. It seals the cuticle for reflective shine with conditioning benefits. Cellophanes Clear is especially effective after any in salon chemical service like color, straightening or permanent waves. The results are super star sparkling! -

Gold Red

Gold Red revels in hot honeyed hues, adding red to her rich golden tones. Softer than her crimson counterparts, Gold Red glimmers with gilded, autumnal shades; a natural, tawny temptress. Perfect on dark blondes and existing reds. Gold Red is a rouge that's eminently wearable. Use on light to medium blondes to create wearable golden red, add to dark blondes for medium copper red or achieve cute, natural, "copper-penny" highlights on light brown hair.

Hot Red

Hot Red is outrageously rouge and unafraid to take center stage. Artistic and flamboyant, this red is a titan hot-head, full of passion and intrigue full of warmth and fire, Hot Red intensifies medium browns and turns medium blondes into fiery redheads. Brunettes can brighten up their day with an intense injection of spicy orange-red tones. Light brunettes can use Hot Red and turn into a spicy auburn. Deep reds choose Hot Red to revitalize their color, Brunettes to spice up brown.

Red Red

Red Red is a deeply real red - nothing is more intense than the spicy shade of this femme fatale shade. Reminiscent of a glamorous, bygone era, this is the red that signals seduction. Depending on the actual shade, reds can intensify their ruby intrigue: darker red can obtain deeper tones: lighter reds can achieve a brighter shade. Golden girls can opt for a true burnished copper.