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Pharmagel HydrO2xy-10 Lifting and Firming Moisturizer 8.5 fl oz (new packaging)

Pharmagel HydrO2xy-10 Lifting and Firming Moisturizer 8.5 fl oz (new packaging)

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Pharmagel HydrO2xy-10 Lifting and Firming Moisturizer 8 fl oz

Product Classification:
HydrO2xy-10™ is Pharmagel’s answer for a super performing lotion beyond any other, providing a 10% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) & BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) combination along with Stabilized Oxygen for truly remarkable dermal improvement and maintenance. As the stabilized oxygen acts to speed the cellular renewal process, the AHA content works to improve surface texture of the epidermis through the process of dead skin cell exfoliation. Meanwhile, the BHA penetrates deep into the lower layers of the dermis through any oil barriers, eliminating free radicals to prevent unwanted premature aging caused by these trapped oxygen molecules. A breakthrough in technology, this lotion addresses dermal care at all levels, leaving skin softer than ever with a vibrant healthy glow.

Method of Use:
Apply daily to face, hands and body.

Active Ingredients:
Mixed Fruit Acids (AHA) -Fruit acids derived for their potent effect on the skin for high performance exfoliation. Salicylic Acid (BHA) -Highly potent acid unaccompanied by irritation promoting intense exfoliation without redness or drying. Penetrating to the lower layers of the dermis, this ingredient encourages deep-action cleansing. Vitamin E -Used as a primary anti-oxidant to aid in firming and toning. Safflower Oil-Empowered for performance! Provides additional moisture retention for skins protection against everyday stresses. Glycolic Acid -Derived from the sugar cane, this remarkable ingredient increases cellular renewal and smooths all skin types. Stabilized oxygen -Increases cellular renewal.

After cleansing, moisturize with an alpha hydroxy lotion/crème, paying particular attention to areas around the eyes, mouth & throat. The alpha hydroxy acid will bond water to skin.

Salicylic Acid is more effective for oily skin because it is lipid soluable; it can penetrate the oil in pores & dissolve the dead skin cells stuck inside. It is less irritating than AHA’s because it appears to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Stabilized oxygen gives skin cells a power boost for increased cellular activity.