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New Derma Fade

Pharmagel Derma Fade Dermal Lightening Crème 2 oz NEW PACKAGING now called DERMA BRITE

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Pharmagel Derma Fade Dermal Lightening Crème 2 oz  (NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FREE SHIPPING)

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Product Classification:
Derma Fade Crème®, a fading and lightening treatment, applied daily AM and PM, utilizes the concentrated strengths of three technologically advanced antioxidants. Both magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C) licorice extract and kojic dipalmitate function as the primary active ingredients to break down any unwanted hyperpigmentation. Aside from functioning as an extremely proficient fading treatment, Derma Fade® also contains an SPF 15 used as a full sunblock for the face. In addition, Pharma C Serum® can be used under Derma Fade for fast action fading of age spots and skin discoloration.

Method of Use:
Apply Derma Fade® to age spots and skin discoloration AM & PM. Can be used as a full face moisturizing treatment and total sunscreen before sun exposure.

Active Ingredients:
Kojic Dipalmitate -For fading benefits. Licorice Extract -A mild antioxidant which inhibits the production of tyrosinase, and enzyme produced by the body to start the production of melanin, i.e. pigmentation. Octylmethoxycinnamate and Benzophenome -Non-comedogenic PABA-free sunscreen components for both UVA/ UVB protection at SPF 15.

Vitamin C supports cellular renewal and production of collagen ( the skins major structural support). As a primary antioxidant, it sweeps out and neutralizes free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules responsible for breakdown of cells that proceeds aging and disease).

Skin discoloration often plagues aging skin, and studies in Japan report good results from products containing licorice, and stable forms of Vitamin C.

Licorice makes a great natural alternative to harsh chemical skin lightener / bleaching agents.

Prevent Melanin Synthesis; using a synergistic blend of tyrosinase inhibitors. Licorice Extract contains glycyrrhizin (anti-irritant) which helps prevent erythema that triggers the chain of reactions that lead to melanin production.

Different antioxidant work in different levels of the skin. Vitamin E, a very effective antioxidant, combats a type of free radical that attacks barrier lipis (protective fat cells) in the skins epidermis.