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Orasweet Tongue Cleaner

Orasweet Tongue Cleaner

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Finally... New Amazing Breakthrough That Gives You Fresh, Clean, Kissing Sweet Breath NOW And FOREVER!

You must try to believe it!

Imagine...Your Breath So Clean, Fresh That You Are Eager To Get Close To That Special Someone With The FULLEST CONFIDENCE!


Discover What Dentists And Hygienists Do When They Have Bad Breath (halitosis)! Just thirty Seconds, Twice A Day Will Surely Guarantee You Fresh, Clean Breath! Daily Tongue Scraping is Recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA).

The OraSweet® Tongue Scraper cleans the tongue in an effective, safe manner removing harmful oral bacteria that generates foul smelling sulfides and fills the mouth with noxious gases that smell like rotten eggs and barnyard, giving you full confidence that your breath is clean, odor free and kissing fresh!

Studies show that tongue cleaning is a whopping 700% more effective at removing bacteria than simply brushing your tongue with a toothbrush. With so much to gain from very little effort, there is little doubt that tongue cleaning represents the next level in everyday oral hygiene.
Many tongue cleaners can clean your tongue, but only one is specifically designed to effectively scrape the very back and concave portion of the tongue, where the majority of foul odor-causing evil bacteria and decaying food particles are lodged. Unique and patented "non-gagging" shaped curves work smoothly and comfortably with the contours of your tongue.

Foul breath is caused by bacteria that is camping out on the ridges and valleys of the tongue. The bacteria can lead to conditions even more horrific than halitosis - gum disease, blood-clotting, dental decay and inflamed arteries. In other words, bad breath can be fatal to your health.