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Ms. Kay Cool Shade Developer 40 Vol

Ms. Kay Dioxygen Cool Shade 40 Volume Crème Developer – 32oz "NO FREE SHIPPING"

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Designed for use in bleaching or highlighting to reduce the "brassy" (red/gold) appearance that normally develops as the hair lightens. This cream based peroxide developer helps protect scalp from drying out by creating a layer of emollients to protect the skin.

What's in the bottle?

*Hydrogen peroxide available in: 20 Volume (6%), 30 Volume (9%), and 40 Volume (12%).

*Squalane derived from olive oil (non animal) to moisturize the scalp and restore the natural protective barrier properties against stresses.

*Esters to combat the drying of scalp and help with providing smoother mixes with hair color and bleaches.

*A blend of dyes formulated to tone down the brassy effects commonly seen with bleach and high lift colors.