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Mavala Mava+ Hand Cream 50ml

Mavala Mava+ Hand Cream 50ml

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Extreme day treatment for very dry, very stressed hands.

For active hands, busy with gardening, manual or artistic tasks, outside sports and other activities. MAVA-PLUS Hand Cream protects and relieves reddened, irritated, dry hands or damaged by external factors (cold, sun, harsh climatic changes, wind, use of solvents and detergents). In fact, a botanical complex with patterson’s curse, sunflower oil and heart seed forms a protective and film-forming shield. Shea butter repairs, nourishes and smoothes hands. Bisabolol and vitamin E reduce redness and soothe the damaged epidermis further. Immediate and long-lasting benefits: calms, softens and soothes. Fragrance free, therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use
To be used as often as you wish. Apply a small amount of cream on the back of your hand and generously massage concentrating on very dry, very irritated areas.
Tip: Do not forget your elbows and knees.