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Stress Free Herbal Bath Oil by Kneipp

Kneipp Stress Free Herbal Bath Oil Mandarin Orange 3.4oz - NEW

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Kneipp Stress Free Herbal Bath Oil 3.4oz - NEW

ACTIVE HERBS: Mandarin and Orange

Stressed? Soak away worries and be at ease with Kneipp® Stress Free Bath, containing natural Mandarin and Orange essential oils. When you need to “cool down” after a long day, Mandarin and Orange supports your overall well-being and steadies the nervous tension caused by life’s everyday demands.

Fill tub, add 1 capful of Kneipp Stress Free herbal bath and mix gently. Rinse cap after use. For Approx. 8- 10 baths. Water temperature should be between 97-100F and bathing time should not exceed 15-20 minutes.