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Evening Primrose Body Wash by Kneipp

Kneipp Evening Primrose Body Wash 6.8oz

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Kneipp Evening Primrose Body Wash 6.8oz

ACTIVE HERB: Evening Primrose
Sensitive Skin- Intense Moisture for needy skin that is dry, cracked, irritated, and flaky.

This mild, intensely moisturizing Body Wash is everyday care, while you shower, for very dry, itchy, irritated or flaky conditions. Natural calming Evening Primrose Oil, which contains Gamma-Linoleic Acid, protects and comforts "needy skin". Skin is left feeling calm, redness is relieved and overall appearance of the skin is improved. Additionally, precious Almond Oil and rich Shea Butter protect and hydrate the skin. TIP: only shower shortly, and not too hot! This prevents additional stress on the skin.

Apply to wet skin. Lather, then rinse. Follow with Evening Primrose Body Oil or Body Lotion for additional hydration.