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Hair Off Hair Remover Mittens

Hair Off Hair Remover Mittens

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Don't have time to shave your legs today? Don't worry. Get rid of stubble and quickly touch-up between shaves with the New & Improved Hair Off Mitten. The Hair Off Mitten is uniquely designed to quickly, gently and easily remove unwanted hair from your legs with no pain, no cuts and no irritation. The secret is in the exclusive Silcoat finish, which gently buffs away hair as it smoothes away rough, dry, flaky skin from the surface. In just a few minutes you'll have silky smooth legs with absolutely no irritation, pain or harsh chemicals. And it removes hair so thoroughly, re-growth actually appears slower, less noticeable and barely there. Plus, it's new and improved with a fresh Cucumber Melon scent and Aloe for extra conditioning.

The Hair Off Mitten is portable and great for travel. Keep one in your purse, your office, your car. You never know when you'll need a touch-up in a hurry!

One Mitten removes hair from both legs 1-2 times depending on hair coarseness.