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GiGi Sugar Bare Microwave Wax Kit

GiGi Sugar Bare Microwave Wax Kit

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GiGi Sugar Bare Microwave Waxing Kit

• The GiGi Sugar Bare depilatory microwave waxing kit is an all-natural, water soluble, pure cane sugar formula.
• Heats at a medium temperature for greater client comfort.
• The GiGi Sugar Bare microwaveable kit is ideal for sensitive skin.
• After waxing, soap and water are all you need to remove any wax residue.
• Nothing could be simpler.
• Fast and efficient hair removal in the salon or at home.
• For use with natural muslin, bleached muslin or cloth epilating strips.

Kit Includes:
• 11 oz. GiGi Sugar Bare Microwave Formula.
• 2 oz. Pre-Hon.
• 2 oz. Wax Off.
• 2 oz. Post Wax Skin Concealer.
• 2 oz. Slow Grow.
• 5 Sm. Accu Edge Applicators.
• 5 Lg. Accu Edge Applicators.
• 10 Sm. Natural Muslin Strips.
• 10 Lg. Natural Muslin Strips.