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Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener - Medium Brown - 7.5 oz.

Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener - Medium Brown - 7.5 oz.

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Fullmore is a special blend of space-age polymers and tiny, colored fibers that bond to your hair. In just seconds, bald spots disappear and thin hair looks thick and full again.

Fullmore is a revolutionary new concept in the treatment of thinning and balding hair. Formulated for men and woman who want to look their best, Fullmore goes on quickly, not only covering bald spots but adding texture and fullness. Safe and effective to use.

Fullmore is perfectly safe to use with Minoxidil and Propecia®. And if you've had a transplant, it's safe to use Fullmore as soon as the grafts have fully healed. Fullmore does not harm your hair in any way. Its space-age polymers simply attach to your existing hair. It doesn't penetrate the hair shaft or clog your pores. Your scalp will continue to breathe and maintain its healthy growth of hair.