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Enzo Milano Gio Arte Mini Crimp Iron - FREE SHIPPING!!

Enzo Milano Gio Arte Mini Crimp Iron - FREE SHIPPING!!

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Enzo Milano's Gio Arte iron is the latest addition to the remarkable line of hair tools introduced by Enzo Milano. Enzo Milano's background was always up-do based. Now up-do lovers can spice it up with a different look that you definitely never see anywhere else. This unique iron with its jagged mini crimps can make crimping hair fun again and inspire creativity.

Superior ceramic heating element
Utilizing our superior ceramic heating element, a consistent temperature is generated throughout the smooth plate. It features ceramic places along with fused tourmaline, allowing the highest output of negative ions in any Enzo Milano iron yet.

How does tourmaline help make this iron the best?
Tourmaline produces far-infrared heat resulting in an extremely high amount of negative ions.

Far-infrared heat is also a more gentle type of heat that penetrates the shaft of the hair straightens the hair from the inside out.

Negative ions help break up large water droplets into smaller droplets, allowing the moisture to e absorbed into the hair, resulting in a shiny conditioned texture.