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Pharmagel Skin Care Products


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"You Can Control How Fast Your Skin Ages"

  •     All Natural
  •     Hypoallergenic
  •     pH Balanced
  •     All Skin Types
  •     Paba Free Sunscreen Protection
  •     No Animal Ingredients or Testing

Pharmagel's  new generation of specialized skin treatment is formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients-remarkably effective with immediate and lasting results. Never seen in cosmetic formulations-the use of pharmaceutical grade ingredients might possibly be the greatest scientific innovation for skin treatment in the past decade. In addition, a special collection of natural herbs and botanicals have been nurtured by the cosmetic chemists at Pharmagel Laboratories. These essences are added to Pharmagel's problem solving beauty treatments which are further fortified with vitamins for fast action anti-aging results. Triple testing during Pharmagel's entire blending process of pharmaceutical grade ingredients, vitamins and botanicals ensures that each product is free of irritants and as pure as possible. You'll see results in just two weeks with regular use!

Because of our ability to purchase in volume, we are able to offer Pharmagel products at unbelievably low prices. For complete product descriptions and ordering information, please click on any of the items listed below.


PharmagelBETA-C 2oz.(Dual Action Facial Re-Firmer)  Pharmagel

Beta- CTM, a moisturizing and facial re-firming complex containing Beta Hydroxy Acid, the newest member of the Hydroxy Acid family and Stabilized Vitamin C. The ingredients formulated into Beta-C represent the latest technology in the battle against skin aging. Beta Hydroxy Acid continually rejuvenates skin by increasing the rate of cellular renewal, sweeping dead skin cells, flakiness, dry patches, and discoloration. Vitamin C continues to simultaneously encourage collagen formation and strengthen connective tissues for firmer more youthful facial contours. Beta Hydroxy Acid, known as salicylic acid, is a superior exfoliant that improves the appearance of aging sun-damaged skin. It is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving overall facial texture. The dual action of Beta Hydroxy and Stabilized Vitamin C gives longer lasting results on the skin.


PharmagelDN-24 HYDRACRÈME (Intensive Vitamin Facial Moisturizer)  Pharmagel

DN-24 Hydracrème® is an intensive vitamin facial treatment incorporating the benefits of 25,000 i.u.’s of Retinyl-A (Vitamin A). This day-night moisturizer also contains Vitamins C, B, D & E to rejuvenate dehydrated and aged skin. DN-24 Hydracrème keeps your skin on a 24-hour continuum of protection and repair.



PharmagelHYDRO2XY-10 (Lifting and Firming Lotion Serum)  Pharmagel

HydrO2xy-10™ is Pharmagel’s answer for a super performing lotion beyond any other, providing a 10% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) & BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) combination along with Stabilized Oxygen for truly remarkable dermal improvement and maintenance. As the stabilized oxygen acts to speed the cellular renewal process, the AHA content works to improve surface texture of the epidermis through the process of dead skin cell exfoliation. Meanwhile, the BHA penetrates deep into the lower layers of the dermis through any oil barriers, eliminating free radicals to prevent unwanted premature aging caused by these trapped oxygen molecules. A breakthrough in technology, this lotion addresses dermal care at all levels, leaving skin softer than ever with a vibrant healthy glow.

PharmagelHYDRA CLEANSE (Water Rinseable Facial Cleanser)  Pharmagel

Hydra Cleanse®, an all natural light foaming gel cleanser, sweeps away pore clogging buildup and residue, leaving skin softer, smoother and clean. A delicate combination of various seaweed extracts and other moisturizing botanicals makes this formula perform superbly. Suitable for all skin types. Hydra Cleanse® is non-drying, non-stripping, & non-abrasive for even the most sensitive skin types.

PharmagelPHARMA C SERUM (10% Vitamin C Anti-Aging Facial Treatment)  Pharmagel

Pharma-C Serum®, a 10% Vitamin C facial concentrate treatment, drastically reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin by actively promoting collagen and elastin formation, the building blocks of youthful skin. The Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate form of Vitamin C in this product is the only stable source of Vitamin C that has been proven to rapidly absorb into the skin and promote the formation of collagen.

PharmagelGLYCO-8 (8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Facial Firming Complex)  Pharmagel

Pharmagel’s premier facial firming AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) complex with SPF 8, performs by dramatically improving the rate of the cellular renewal process as well as through superior exfoliation, resulting in significant reduction and refining of small lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging and stress. Through a crème deliverance system of an 8% Glycolic Acid formula, dead skin cells and build up of infectious bacteria are gently swept away rendering your skin healthy and vibrant. Glycolic Acid is a natural ingredient found in sugar cane. This delicate and luxurious crème offers aged and stressed skin a chance at a youthful appearance and glow, once again!

PharmagelNUTRA LIFT (Facial Firming Masque)  Pharmagel

Nutra-Lift™ is a quick drying masque for all skin types showing signs of stress, fatigue, and dullness. Nutra- Lift™ is formulated to work with the repair and renewal cycle of the skin. The essential vitamin, enzymes and humectants in Nutra- LiftTM are transported to skin cells, through Pharmagel’s’ liposome system. Your skin will be firmer, more youthful and have increased moisture retention.


PharmagelENZYME EX-CELL (Gentle Exfoliating Scrub)  Pharmagel

Enzyme Ex-Cell®, a naturally formulated exfoliating dermal scrub, refines the pores leaving your skin a smoother texture. All natural polishing grains act as the physical exfoliant, while papaya extracts act as the natural exfoliant providing maximum benefit for your skin. Men can use prior to shaving for a smoother, closer shave.


Pharmagel PHARMA CLEAR (Acne Treatment System)  Pharmagel

Out Performs All Other Acne Treatment Regimens
Rapid Penetration Into the Dermis for Fast, Effective and Long Lasting Clinical Results

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients for Guaranteed Results
  • Amino Acids for Resurfacing and Reparative Benefits
  • Ingredients of Small Molecular Size and Weight for Rapid Penetration
  • Anti-Inflammatories for Calming and Healing Benefits
  • Anti-Bacterial Activity for Fighting Bacteria
  • Contains Copper and Herbal Plant Based Properties for Tissue Repair
  • Antioxidants and Vitamins for Cellular Renewal
  • No Animal Ingredients or Testing
  • No Artificial Colorants
  • No Artificial Fragrances
  • No Mineral or Lanolin Oils
  • Non-Greasy
  • Non-Comedogenic

PharmagelEYE PROTÉ (Eye Crème Elixir)  Pharmagel

EYE PROTÉ™, a holistic recipe of pharmaceutical and medically tested ingredients, reverses the ravages of time on eye area wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and lost tone and elasticity.

The delicate skin surrounding the eye is fragile and thin and the need for a protective shield of recovery is as powerful as the actives in EYE PROTÉ™. The fragile collagen fibers surrounding the eye are vulnerable to wrinkles, poor circulation and fatigue. This sensitive and vulnerable area needs a daily pampering of hydration, stimulation and rejuvenation to stave off premature aging. EYE PROTÉ™ contains PERFLUORODECALIN, a highly activated oxygen booster, medically tested and used during eye surgeries for rapid tissue repair. This remarkable ingredient breathes life into cells surrounding the delicate eye contours. The powerful antioxidants and herbal actives in EYE PROTÉ™ re-firm, re-surface, lift and tone the surrounding eye area tissue. EYE PROTÉ™ contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients which are of a molecular weight that allows for rapid penetration into the dermis. Remarkable and lasting results are yours with a daily regimen of EYE PROTÉ™. This fragrance free, non comedogenic (will not clog pores) eye crème elixir will re-firm and re-surface your eyes to ageless beauty.

PharmagelSHOWER SOUFFLÉ (Moisturizing Botanical Body Wash)  Pharmagel

Shower Soufflé™, an ultra cleansing & moisturizing soufflé for bath & shower contains the secret cleansing & clarifying properties of five rare plant essences; Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Yarrow & Coneflower. Your skin will feel wonderfully clean and soft as the conditioning treatment benefits of this unique product, protect and care for the delicate needs of your skin. SHOWER SOUFFLÉ™ offers the benefits of purity in an all natural cleanser for all skin types. This extra light and fluffy shower soufflé is free of animal ingredients, and foams into a rich, all natural lather gently exfoliating while sweeping away pore clogging impurities. This super performing formulation awakens your senses with its invigorating natural formula & stimulating ingredients. Your skin will feel vibrant & healthy with a 24-hour continuum of moisture.

PharmagelBIO-A (Anti-Aging Resurfacing Serum)  Pharmagel

Bio-A Concentrate™ is an anti-aging and rejuvenating dermal serum containing Retinol-A, the purest, most stable form of Vitamin A. This all natural age defying prescription for the skin reverses the visible signs of aging; wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines. Bio-A Concentrate™ stimulates and rejuvenates skin cells for younger facial contours. Bio-A® resurfaces skin, smoothing and softening wrinkles and sagging skin.

PharmagelDERMA FADE (Lightening and Fading Creme)  Pharmagel

Derma Fade Crème®, a fading and lightening treatment, applied daily AM and PM, utilizes the concentrated strengths of three technologically advanced antioxidants. Both magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C) licorice extract and kojic dipalmitate function as the primary active ingredients to break down any unwanted hyperpigmentation. Aside from functioning as an extremely proficient fading treatment, Derma Fade® also contains an SPF 15 used as a full sunblock for the face. In addition, Pharma C Serum® can be used under Derma Fade for fast action fading of age spots and skin discoloration.

PharmagelFLEUR-5 PLUS CLEANSING BAR (Moisturizing Bar for Face and Body)  Pharmagel

Fleur-5® is an all natural cleansing bar for the face and body. It contains the secret cleansing and moisturizing properties of five rare plant essences. Fleur-5® is non-drying and contains no animal ingredients. There are no irritants in this low pH bar, therefore it is gentle enough for a baby’s sensitive skin. White Hawaiian ginger provides an invigorating aromatic fragrance.


PharmagelCOMPLEXE EYE FIRME (Gel Form Eye Firming Treatment)  Pharmagel

Complexe Eye Firme®, an anti-aging eye treatment in gel form, contains an infusion of anti-inflammatory, toning, nourishing and firming properties which strengthen the delicate eye area tissue. This enriched antioxidant formula of Vitamins C, E and A stimulates collagen formation and reverses noticeable signs of aging as it lifts and smoothes eye contours. As circulation increases, the appearance of dark circles, eye area wrinkles & sagging tissue diminish.


Pharmagel COMPLEX EYE BEAUTÉ (Puffy Eye Treatment Pads)  Pharmagel

Complexe Eye Beauté®, unique herbal treatment in pad form- relieves the effects of puffy, swollen eye tissue often associated with allergies, fluid retention, aging and PMS. The vulnerable eye area is relatively thinner than other facial skin. As we mature, the skin around the eyes loses elasticity and therefore is susceptible to the retention of water and fat, producing bags or eye pouches. Eye Beauté®’s high concentration of botanical extracts, smoothes and reduces that puffy, swollen appearance. Fragrance free, oil free and hypo allergenic, Eye Beauté® is also wonderful for contact lens wearers.

PharmagelBOTANICAL TONIQUE (Alcohol Free Facial Toner)  Pharmagel

Botanical Tonique® is an all natural fragrance-free and alcohol free facial toner containing an infusion of botanical extracts. This refreshing formula will bring your skins pH to normal while offering extra firming benefits to the skin by tightening and refining the pores. This product can be used as a great soothing after shave! For men it will control razor bumps and skin irritation.


PharmagelFIRMA DERM (Vitamin Skin Treatment)  Pharmagel

Firma Derm® is a fast action antiaging, firming and moisturizing emulsion containing anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, E, & C) for rapid repair and reversal of skin damage caused by aging and environmental stresses. The antioxidant shield tissues from destructive free radicals, slowing wrinkling and premature skin aging. The result is a younger, smoother, firmer looking skin with lasting results.