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Pharmagel Botanical Tonique Alcohol-Free Facial Toner 3oz - TRAVEL SIZE -

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Pharmagel Botanical Tonique, TRAVEL SIZE Same great toner, in a travel size bottle. Great to stash in your carry on luggage while traveling on any aircraft.

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Pharmagel Botanical Tonique Alcohol-Free Facial Toner 8oz

Product Classification:
Botanical Tonique® is an all natural fragrance-free and alcohol free facial toner containing an infusion of botanical extracts. This refreshing formula will bring your skins pH to normal while offering extra firming benefits to the skin by tightening and refining the pores. This product can be used as a great soothing after shave! For men it will control razor bumps and skin irritation.

Method of Use:
After cleansing apply with cotton pad or spritz the face for an extra “pick me up” of refreshing energy.

Active Ingredients:
Passion Flower Extract-Used for firming and toning. Arnica Extract -Used in balancing the pH of the skin and promoting new tissue growth. Chamomile Extract -Soothing and healing properties. Bergamont Extract -Nourishing benefits. Panthenol (Vitamin B) -Energizing to the epidermal layers of the skin. Witch Hazel - Acts as a primary antiseptic. Rosemary Extract -Stimulates circulation.

It is important to restore the normal acid balance of your face after cleansing.

Found in many plants especially in palm leaves, parabens are noted for their excellent preservative properties & their safety compared to other commonly used preservatives. Parabens are easily biodegraded and do not destroy the desirable bacteria living on the skin.

Arnica an antiseptic herb which promotes the growth of new tissue, is traditionally used for bruises, wounds and inflammation.

Witch Hazel Extract is distilled from the bark, leaves, and flower-bearing twigs of the hamamelis plant.

Ingredients such as Chamomile and Calendula nourish and soothe the skin.

In addition to toning the skin, rosemary helps stimulate the circulation of blood in skin with poor circulation.

Comfrey contains Allantoin which helps heal damaged skin by stimulating the growth of new tissue. It also aids in temporary relief of minor skin irritations.

Pharmagel Botanical Tonique Alcohol-Free Facial Toner 3oz - TRAVEL SIZE - Review

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