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Tancho High Grade Tique Stick and Hair Dressing Pomade

Tancho StickTancho High-Grade Tique Stick and Tancho Hair Dressing Pomade

Tancho Tique sticks from Indonesia are made from natural ingredients. This old-fashioned styling product easily styles even the most unruly hair. Tancho pomade used to be a norm among men of our parents' generation but has since been replaced with the less greasy hair gel. Lavender scented. Large Economy Size 3.52oz. (100g)


Ball Beauty Prices:

Tahcho Stick  Tancho Stick: $12.95

Tancho Stick 3 Pack  Tancho Stick 3-Pack: $35.95 ($11.98 each)

Tancho Stick 6 Pack  Tancho Stick 6-Pack: $69.95 ($11.66 each)

Tancho Stick 12 Pack  Tancho Stick 12-Pack: $138.95  ($11.58 each)



Tancho PomadeTancho Hair Dressing Pomade

Green hair dressing pomade for hair grooming, lightly congealed Standard Type. This pomade is most suitable for unruly hair.  It grooms and settles the hair, giving it a luscious shine. 2.1oz (60g). Made in Indonesia.


Ball Beauty Prices:

Tancho Pomade  Tancho Pomade 2.1oz: $6.95

Tancho Pomade  Tancho Pomade 3-Pack: $16.95  ($5.65 each)

Tancho Pomade  Tancho Pomade 6-Pack: $29.95  ($4.99 each)

Tancho Pomade 12pk  Tancho Pomade 12-Pack: $56.95  ($4.75 each)