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Sof'feet Callus Eliminator Tools and Cream

Sof'feetSof'feet - A Breakthrough in Skin Care Technology

Enjoy soft, silky feet with the Sof'feet™ Footcare System. Created by a Dermatologist, the Sof'feet Footcare System combines an effective callus reducer with a rich softening cream to help your feet stay their softest.

The Sof'feet Footcare System is used all over the world as a highly effective treatment for rough and callused feet. Carried by most major beauty supply stores and found in the finest salons this system has everything you need to keep your feet looking young, healthy, and soft.


Sof'feet ToolSof'feet Callus Reducer

Ball Beauty Price:  $9.95  Sof'feet Tool

The Sof'feet Callus reducer tool is designed to reduce calluses and smooth away rough, hardened skin from the feet. The reducer works best if used on dry feet before shower or bath, and before applying any lotion or cream. The callus reducer is easy to use. Simply gently rub callused areas to remove hardened skin. When the screen becomes filled with dry tissue, simply tap the reducer on a dry towel. After use, a daily application of the Sof'feet Softening Cream is recommended to help keep the feet soft and silky. Even if you decide not to purchase the Callus Reducer, the Softening Creme is an amazing standalone product which we highly recommend.

The Sof'feet callus reducer screens are very durable and are effective at reducing calluses and removing hardened skin even after much use. When the callus reducer screen does become worn, simply loosen the callus reducer thumbscrew and replace.


Sof'feet CreamSof'feet Softening Cream

Available in 3 sizes:

2oz - $6.95  Sof'feet Cream 2oz

4oz - $8.95  Sof'feet Cream 4oz

8oz - $13.95  Sof'feet Cream 8oz

Sof'feet Softening Cream is formulated to moisturize and help the feet stay softer, smoother, and silkier. It is exceptionally thick and long lasting, yet never sticky or greasy. The softening cream is easily worked into the skin and will feel so wonderful you will want to apply it to other dry skin areas such as your hands, elbows and knees. For best results, the softening cream is recommended for application after the use of the Sof'feet Callus Reducer. The Sof'feet Softening Cream is available in two-, four- and eight-ounce jars.


Sof'feet KitSof'feet Starter Kit

Ball Beauty Price:  $16.95  Sof'feet Kit

The Sof’feet footcare system is available in many formats. We have assembled an Introductory Pack which includes a callus reducer, a 2 pack replacement screen, and a 2 ounce softening cream packaged in a clear vinyl gift box. This is a supurb kit for introducing and sampling our products. Individual pieces are sold separately so you can purchase only the items you need.


Sof'feet ScreensSof'feet Replacement Screens

Ball Beauty Prices

5 Pack Screens - $4.95  Sof'feet Screens

12 Pack Screens - $7.95  Sof'feet Screens

100 Pack Screens - $49.95  Sof'feet Screens

Sof'feet Callus Reducer Screens are very durable and are efective at reducing calluses and removing hardened skin even afer much use. When the callus reducer screen does become worn, simply loosen the callus reducer thumbscrew and replace. Sof’feet Callus Reducer Screens are available in convenient packs of 5, 12, or 100.