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Rubis Swiss Tweezers

rubis swiss tweezers 

RUBIS is Stainless Steel Swiss-Made Rubis Tweezers and Scissors

More than 60 years ago Outils Rubis manufactured their first tweezers for the Swiss watch industry. Only the most precise instruments of the highest quality could be used to assemble delicate mechanical clockworks. Hence, a tradition of craftsmanship with a keen awareness of functional precision and aesthetic form was developing that all along has also been a virtue of Swiss watch producers.


The Rubis name was derived from the Swiss watch makers who used these precision tweezers to place the ruby stones into watch movements. In addition, the philosophy of combining modern technical know how, experience and unparalleled functional design has produced implements that have won ten international design awards.


Precision Swiss craftsmanship makes Rubis tweezers the world’s finest tweezers. Each tweezers is made of the highest quality anti-acid, non-magnetic stainless steel. Forty-step hand finishing (the last one performed under a microscope) guarantees perfect tip alignment for compete hair removal every time.


We feature Rubis' most popular model tweezers... one being feather-light and perforated for a non-slip grip, a selection of excellent Slant tip all-purpose models, a perfectly aligned Scissor Tweezers, a needlenose model for fine detail work or splinter removal and finally a versatile stainless Pointed-Slant Tip model.




Manufactured of rust proof,acid proof, highest quality surgical stainless steel - the favorite of estheticians.






Rubis "Swiss Cheese" Tweezers – Pointed Slant     $39.95  Rubis

Manufactured of rust proof,acid proof, highest quality surgical stainless steel - the favorite of estheticians.




RubisRubis Stainless Steel Tweezers – Point     $39.95  

Absolutely the best beauty tool for removing ingrown hairs after waxing. The perfect tweezer for men who have problems with ingrown hairs after shaving. These pointed precision tips need to be very carefully protected with their cap. For those who never took to the slanted style these pointed tweezers will only reinforce their attachment. Great for removing ingrown hairs!




RubisRubis Stainless Steel Tweezers – Pointed Slant     $39.95 


Stainless Steel combination slant / point. This unique tweezer offers the user a choice of a slant or a point tip -two for the price of one!





RubisRubis Classic Slant Tweezers     $39.95 


Classic Stainless Steel Slant tweezers for those that like a traditional look. The favorite of most estheticians. Precision tips grab every hair every time including fuzz and stubble. Be sure to keep tips covered with protective cap. Sand Blasting is what gives these Stainless Steel tweezers their pewter like finish

This epoxy coated colored slant tweezer has a stainless steel precision tip that will never let you down. Every Rubis tweezer is hand finished. Every Rubis tweezer goes through a 40 step process before leaving the factory. Every Rubis tweezer is examined under a microscope before leaving the factory. Every Rubis tweezer will remove every hair every time.




RubisRubis Red Swiss Cross Slant Tweezers     $39.95 

Nothing inspires confidence like the official Swiss Cross -- only to be used by products manufactured in Switzerland! Even though this bright red tweezer bears the traditional Swiss Cross, it somehow also looks very hip and young! With Rubis tweezers there is not ever a struggle to try to remove a hair -- every Rubis tweezer has precision tips that have been perfectly aligned before they leave the factory and they never miss.





RubisRubis Gold Slant Tweezers     $39.95  

Some People just love Gold -- and why not? Here it is -- a deluxe gold precision Slant tweezer. Not only will will you be thrilled to be able to remove even the shortest, most stubborn hairs, you will also be able to get all the stubble and fuzz as well.





RubisRubis Gold Point Tweezers     $39.50 

Gold Gold Gold. For many, gold signifies luxury. Gold point tweezers give you the luxury of removing ingrown hairs, without a struggle. Just be careful to not dig too deep! Pointed tweezers are also used by those who never took to the slant.





RubisRubis Sweezer Tweezer     $39.95 

Sweezer's precision slant tips are perfectly aligned to remove even the finest hairs on the very first try. The Sweezer is the first precision, virtually weightless aluminum tweezers on the market. A see through, second skin streamlined tube serves as a carrying case, perfectly protecting Sweezer's tips. Available in 5 eye-catching, glittering colors, the Sweezer makes a high-fashion fashion accessory and is easy to find in a purse, cosmetic case or makeup drawer. We guarantee your total satisfaction.





RubisRubis Cuticle / Nail Scissors     $44.50  Rubis

You will find that these stainless steel Rubis scissors will become indispensable. Excellent for cutting your nails, trimming a hang nail or any other beauty needs that require scissors.






Rubis Cuticle Scissors     $44.50 

You will find that these stainless steel Rubis scissors will become indispensable. Excellent for cutting your nails, trimming a hang nail or any other beauty needs that require scissors.




RubisRubis Twist Scissor Tweezer     44.50 

Manufactured of rust proof,acid proof, highest quality surgical stainless steel.





RubisRubis Rounded Tip Baby Nail Scissors     $44.50 

Superior craftsmanship, best design and specially hardened blades guarantee a sharp and precise cut. The grip has been ergonomically designed for comfort and control. Rubis Baby nail scissors have rounded tips, specially designed to take care of babies tender fingers and toes.




RubisRubis Rounded Tip Baby Nail Scissors with Elephant Pouch     $44.95 

These baby nail scissors for trimming tiny nails are another Rubis precision implement. Designed specifically to take care of baby's tender fingers and toes. Encased in a pink and blue elephant pouch - it will remind would be users that these scissors are reserved for Babies only! Makes a great baby gift!




RubisRubis Rounded Tip Ear & Nose Hair Scissors     $49.50 

No one likes to talk about ear and nose hairs - it's so unseemly -- so unsightly, so gauche! However it is a fact of life for many people and a major grooming problem. This is the answer to the problem. These Rubis scissors have rounded safety points to prevent you from cutting yourself -- but sharp blades that will do the trick. Under no circumstances should you ever put the scissors inside your nose or ears -- this is just for trimming around the edges. Use caution when trimming Nose or Ear hair. Refrain from putting scissors directly in the Nose or Ears. Nose-and-ear-hair-timmers.




RubisRubis Sauro Toenail Scissors     $49.95 

Rubis Sauro Toenail Scissors have the classic Rubis shape in a sturdy, larger size perfect for cutting toenails. For the best results, cut nails when they have been softened with a bath or shower.