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Qtica Nail and Lip Care

Qtica Nail CareQtica Nail Care qtica nail and lip treatment

Qtica offers intense nail treatments and a fantastic lip repair balm (best seller) that will have you hooked from your first try! For severly dry lips, cracked lips or irritated lips, Qtica Lip Balm delivers intense moisture and helps heal and seal lips instantly. Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator uses a unique blend of vegetable proteins, vitamins and amino acids to automatically create stronger, healthier looking natural nails. While many products use multiple steps, Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator is a simple one product solution that automatically adjust to the condition of the natural nail. Whether you have dry and brittle nails, or soft and peeling nails, Qtica will make your natural nails look better than ever. The unique formula of Qtica Natural Nail Growth stimulator also helps to grow strong natural nails. In some instances over a 1/4 inch every 14 days.


Natural Nail Growth StimulatorNatural Nail Growth Stimulator  Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator is the first and only of its kind - a clear polish-like product that contains Sulfur Amino Acids and Garlic extract. These ingredients act to reinforce and harden the fibers of the nail while maintaining the proper moisture level. This eliminates the problem of dry, brittle, soft and peeling nails. Apply as a base coat or over dry polish for dramatic results in 14 days.




Cuticle Repair BalmCuticle Repair Balm  A rich, thick, luscious cuticle treatment which uses a natural combination of honey, bees wax, vitamin's A,D,E and Panthenol (B-Complex) to soothe, hydrate and stimulate the healing process for the most painful and irritated cuticles and hang nails. In most cases, pain and discomfort disappears within 15 minutes and irritations heal overnight.





Half Time Polish AcceleratorHalf Time Polish Accelerator  Qtica 1/2 Time Polish Drying Accelerator is a colorless, odorless liquid which uses an organic crystal compound to thoroughly dry polish in 5-7 minutes on natural and artificial nails - So dry that you can hit it with a pencil! 1/2 Time applies with its own eye dropper over the last coat of polish, spreading evenly on the nail and coating and protecting the cuticles. Its safe, non-toxic and odor free. No lights or heat are needed.





Overnight Intense Foot Repair BalmOvernight Intense Foot Repair Balm Qtica Intense Overnight Foot Repair Balm is a luxurious, thick, rich, night time treatment that soothes and helps repair dry, sore and irritated feet due to shoes and extreme weather conditions. Concentrated honey seals, coats and soothes irritated skin areas, while a combination of vitamins A, B, E and Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates dead rough skin and delivers intense moisture.





Overnight Intense Hand Repair BalmOvernight Intense Hand Repair Balm Qtica Intense Overnight Hand Repair Balm is a thick, rich, luscious night time treatment for severely dry, irritated hands due to water exposure, chemicals and extreme weather. Honey and bee's wax seal and heal damaged, irritated areas while naturally soothing discomfort, usually within 15 minutes.





Intense Total Hydrating TherapyIntense Total Hydrating Therapy Hydrating Therapy's gentle, non-greasy formulation combines HA (Hyaluronic Acid), Panthenol and Collagen to lock moisture into the skin's dermal layer for approximately 8 hours. It's light consistency, smooth application and complete absorption make it an ideal product to use during manicures, pedicures and massages.





Lip BalmInstant Relief Lip Repair Balm Instant relief from damaged and dry irritated lips due to weather extremes is finally here. Qtica's intense honey, tea tree and mint formulation soothes, relieves and helps repair irritated lips while providing UV sun block. It also makes an ideal base to extend lipstick wear for hours. -- BEST SELLER!!! We love this product!





Top CoatExtending Top Coat Extend the wear and gloss of your nail polish with Qtica Extending Top Coat. This formaldehyde-free formulation of amino acid, silicone and polyurethane is ideal for nails, nail extensions and toe nails. It applies smoother, dries faster, stays glossier and protects longer than any other top coat.





Cuticle GelSolid Gold Anti-Bacterial Cuticle Oil Gel A revolutionary solution for cuticles. Solid Gold is a patented 12-oil blend that starts out as a gel and turns into an oil as you massage into your nails and cuticles. Packaged in a perfect sanitary tube dispenser to insure that you never spill or waste a single drop. Perfect for softening and soothing cuticles, nourishing nails and helping to fight bacteria. Fresh tangerine oil scent stimulates the senses with aroma therapy benefits.