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ProLinc Be Natural Skin Care


ProLinc Be Natural Callus EliminatorProLinc Be Natural Callus Eliminator  Buy Now

ProLinc Be Natural Callus Eliminator is the professionals #1 choice for effective, efficient callus removal. The fast, safe and effective solution for even the toughest of calluses, Callus Eliminator saves you time and effort by doing the work for you! It breaks down unsightly calluses calluses in 3-5 minutes so you can simply file or buff them away. No cutting required. Dermatologist and podiatrist tested.






ProLinc Be Natural Dry Heel EliminatorProLinc Be Natural Dry Heel Eliminator  Buy Now

The perfect companion to Callus Eliminator, Dry Heel Eliminator is an intensive treatment for skin prone to drying and cracking. Dry Heel Eliminator's vitamin-rich formula repairs and prevents dry skin conditions while maintaining balanced hydration. Key properties include urea, extracts of green tea, bladderwrack and aloe vera, essential botanical oils and vitamins A, C and E. It also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits. Vitamin & nutrient rich formula penetrates deeply, delivering advanced moisturizing and healing agents to the lower layers of skin. It helps replenish and maintain skin's natural moisture balance. Use on dry, callus prone skin and to extend Callus Eliminator treatment results between services. Helpful to Diabetics. Dry Heel Eliminator is the essential at-home daily treatment to maintain and enhance salon and spa pedicure service results achieved with Callus Eliminator.



ProLinc Be Natural Cuticle EliminatorProLinc Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator  Buy Now

Cuticle Eliminator does the work for you and saves you time. Quickly and effectively remove even the toughest cuticle growth. Use with manicure, pedicure and artificial nail services.






ProLinc Be Natural Spa Intensive Skin TherapyProLinc Be Natural Spa Intensive Skin Therapy  Buy Now

Spa Intensive Skin Therapy is a highly effective cream for severely dry and cracked skin everywhere-especially heels, hands and elbows. This complex formulation of natural ingredients, including urea, penetrates deeply, delivering advanced moisturizers and healing agents to the lower levels of the skin. Aloe Vera, green tea and vitamins A, C and E promote healthy skin and provide anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits. Ultimately, Intensive Skin Therapy helps restore the natural ability of the skin to maintain moisture balance, so it looks and feels younger and healthier. Developed for use in the salon / spa and for clients to use at home between treatments. Best used immediately following Callus Eliminator treatment. Helpful to diabetics.


ProLinc Be Natural Spa Skin Renewal Sugar ExfoliantProLinc Be Natural Spa Skin Renewal Sugar Exfoliant  Buy Now

Spa Skin Renewal is an all natural, gentle, tri-sugar exfoliate and softener for feet, hands and body. It sloughs away old skin cells as it replenishes essential oils and moisturizes; restoring skin to a softness and suppleness that is just out of this world. It will not sting or irritate sensitive skin, or cause drying like many salts can. Developed to be used with pedicures and manicures following and treatments.
Directions: Stir first, then spread and massage Spa Skin Renewal into feet and legs, or hands, etc. When finished massaging it in, rinse excess off with water and pat dry. For spa services, wrap foot or hand in a warm, wet towel for 3 minutes before rinsing.



ProLinc Diamond Dry Top CoatProLinc Diamond Dry Top Coat  Buy Now

Unsurpassed Speed, Brilliance and Durability non-thickening Formulas. Simply incredible over polish on artificial nails, pedicures, and airbrushing/nailart!  Diamond Dry's exclusive molecular blending process rapidly dries and seals all layers of polish, creating an extremely durable finish with a dazzling shine that lasts and lasts. The formula is non-thickening so it is always easy to use.