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Japonesque Soft Touch Lash Placement Kit


Forget the mess and acrobat-like contortions that used to accompany false lashes. With the Soft-Touch kit, perfect placement is one-touch easy. The Soft-Touch applicator grips your false lashes with a silky soft tip that precisely follows every contour of your eyelid. Just apply eyelash adhesive to the band and gently press. The anti-bacterial tip is gentle and soft so your eyes stay comfortable and safe. You can even use the Soft-Touch kit to remove your false lashes and store them in a matching soft, anti-bacterial stand for re-use. With results this easy, you’ll wonder why no one thought of it before. But you’ll be glad we did.

  •     Easily apply false lashes with one hand and no mess
  •     Contoured tip provides precise, gap-free placement
  •     Soft and anti-bacterial tip is gentle to the eyes
  •     Easily and gently removes lashes for later use
  •     Soft, anti-bacterial storage stand retains natural lash curve

Instructions - To Apply

  • Using soft applicator tip, gently grasp lashes at the lash line
  • Apply thin line of eyelash adhesive on lash band. Let dry a few seconds until tacky
  • Close eyelid
  • Gently press soft tip of applicator above natural lashes

Instructions - To Remove

  • Gently grasp false lashes just above lash band
  • Gently pull from inside to outside to remove lash
  • Store on the matching storage stand

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