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Nailtiques Formula 3 – ¼ oz.

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Nailtiques Formula 3 – ¼ oz.

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Formula #3 is for naturally hard, dry nails. This formula is a combination of protein and conditioners. When prescribing Formula #3, determine whether the nail is soft or hard. If the nail is naturally hard, Formula #3 is the correct formula to use. The protein in this formula will bond the nail layers together, preventing the nail from splitting or breaking low at the stress points. The conditioners help promote flexibility within the nail. This formula may be used alone or as a base coat and top coat with color polish. Formula #3 users generally maintain treatment with this formula as the nails need constant nourishment which Formula #3 will provide. The Nail Moisturizer is a must for initial treatment when this formula is prescribed as it will restore flexibility to the nail.

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