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Ms Kay Dioxygen Liquid Developer - 130 Volume Liquid Developer Gallon (128 oz.)

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**Used and Loved by Professionals**

Contains 35% Cosmetic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 


  • pH Buffered for super stability
  • Made with hi purity deionized water
  • Dilutable peroxide  

Ships in protective plastic bag.
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Ms Kay Dioxygen Liquid Developer - 130 Volume Liquid Developer 

***Used and Loved by Professionals***


Ships in protective plastic bag.

Directions for Dilution:

Dilute to volume desired for specific use by pouring the required amount of deionized water into a pint bottle. Add correct amount of 130 volume hydrogen peroxide as indicated on the table below, and shake well.  Always use the peroxide meter (hydrometer) to be sure peroxide is diluted to correct volume.  Mix only with distilled or deionized water. 


Desired Dilution     Distilled Water     130 Vol. Peroxide   
20 volume  13 1/2 ounces 2 1/2 ounces
30 volume  12 1/2 ounces  3 1/2 ounces
40 volume  11 ounces  5 ounces
50 volume  9 3/4 ounces 6 1/4 ounces
60 volume 8 1/2 ounces 7 1/2 ounces
100 volume  3 1/4 ounces  12 3/4 ounces


For mixing lower volumes of peroxide, begin with 20 volume peroxide and proceed as follows:

Desired Dilution     Distilled Water    20 Vol. Peroxide   
10 volume 8 ounces 8 ounces
5 volume 12 ounces 4 ounces
2 1/2 volume  14 ounces 2 ounces


Ms Kay Dioxygen Liquid Developer - 130 Volume Liquid Developer Gallon (128 oz.) Review

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