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Ms. Kay Dioxygen Cool Shade 20 Volume Crème Developer – 32oz

Ms. Kay Cool Shade 20 Volume Crème Developer – 32oz

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Designed for use in bleaching or highlighting to reduce the "brassy" (red/gold) appearance that normally develops as the hair lightens. This cream based peroxide developer helps protect scalp from drying out by creating a layer of emollients to protect the skin.

What's in the bottle?

*Hydrogen peroxide available in: 20 Volume (6%), 30 Volume (9%), and 40 Volume (12%).

*Squalane derived from olive oil (non animal) to moisturize the scalp and restore the natural protective barrier properties against stresses.

*Esters to combat the drying of scalp and help with providing smoother mixes with hair color and bleaches.

*A blend of dyes formulated to tone down the brassy effects commonly seen with bleach and high lift colors.

Ms. Kay Dioxygen Cool Shade 20 Volume Crème Developer – 32oz Review

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Great peroxide cuts out the brassy color (Posted on 5/31/14)
Toni hunt
Used this product on my level 5 hair that pulls very brassy. My hair is platinum after using this and I was shocked to not have to use a toner (Posted on 4/8/14)
I love this developer. It brings my medium brown roots up to a very pale blonde, with very little effort. I mix it with Wella soft blonde cream lightener, and it only takes about 40 minutes of developing time. Everything else burned my scalp, and either left me with gold bands, or hot roots. Not with this developer! It's the most gentle, and highly effective. I became allergic to the drugstore brand "Clairol Born Blonde Maxi", after using for years. So finding this product, has been a Godsend! I'll definitely buy this one from now on. (Posted on 3/9/14)

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