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Monroe Bravado 2 Inch Diameter Brush

Monroe Bravado 2 Inch Diameter Brush First cut boar bristle. This is the part of the boar bristle that provides shine and closes the cuticle of the hair. Hourglass barrel for even control of the roots. Creates perfect tension all across the bristling area, to provide a perfect styling, because it mimics the shape of the head. Perfect tension in all bristling area with the extra hard nylon quill you get great tension to create a perfectly straight finish even in very difficult hair More Control = Better Results. More control of the hair because the flat section of the hourglass shape keeps the hair within the bristling area. Faster blow dry Extra light weight in wood handle with foam for comfort of use. Available in 4 sizes: 2"(25mm), 2.5"(35mm), 3"(43mm), 3.5"(50mm)
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Monroe Bravado is made for straightening for any hair type, especially very curly hair. BRAVADO has 70% Boar bristle First Cut, 30% nylon bristles with a thermal flexible nylon quill that helps you have full control of your hair and helps you get the desired finished look.

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I've got 3c/4a naturally curly hair and needed a brush for straightening. I was torn between this brush and the Latina Envy and ultimately ended up buying this one first (bought the Envy later). This brush always left my hair poofy frizzy. The Latina Envy is much better for straightening. If you plan to flat iron afterwards, the Bravado will work. (Posted on 4/13/13)

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