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Laviola Original Dry Skin Creme 9oz

Laviola Original Dry Skin Creme 9oz

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La Viola Original Dry Skin Creme 9oz

Fast, effective relief for rough, dry skin. Soothing, moisturizing emolients and therapeutic ingredients that help heal and relieve the discomforts of chapped , windburned and sunburned skin. Regular use promotes healthy, naturally soft skin.

La Viola Creme has been our most popular dry skin remedy for 30 years. You'll be amazed at the results in only days after you begin using it. Our founder, Shirley Lerner who lived to be 90 years old, used La Viola for years. Her hands were remarkably soft and young-looking. We strongly recommend that you give La Viola a try. Use sparingly. A little goes a long way.

Laviola Original Dry Skin Creme 9oz Review

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I have been using LaViola since I was 16, I like it so much. I have tried many other creams but always come back to this one. When I moved to the West Coast and could no longer get it in stores, I had my sister mail it to me! I was delighted when it became available online. It is truly irreplaceable! (Posted on 1/17/16)
Live in Pagosa Springs, CO. Constantly in flip flops, the weather is dry and so my heels are were very dry. They use to bleed from being dry. NOW I have the softest feet in town...love the product
(Posted on 7/19/14)
there is nothing, anywhere, anything like the original La Viola, for cracked, dry skin on hands, feet and elbows. Did I make that clear? NOTHING. i've been using La Viola since the mid 80's, when i bought it from my manicurist and then at Ball Beauty, in a 16 oz. jar with a violet lid for around $5. in subsequent years, the jar has become rounder and smaller, the contents have diminished by at least 50%, and the owner has changed at least several times.

my last order came in a newly labeled jar which was missing nearly 1 ¾ oz. of the net weight stated on the jar. mind you they don't state the weight of the contents, but only what i assume is the weight including the jar. i find that to be extremely deceptive, tho it is not the fault of ball beauty supply; they can only sell that with which they are provided.

i am grateful, however, to be able to acquire the product at all, and hope that the new manufacturer can get organized to the point where this amazing cream will continue to be available.

and, don't be put off by the slightly medicinal fragrance of the original pink cream; the scent evaporates within minutes, and the original formula really does work the best. (Posted on 5/26/14)
Barbara M
I'm 65, live in Colorado Springs,and have used this cream on my hands and body nearly my whole life because my mother used and loved it also. When my mom and dad moved to Colo. Spgs. in the 1940's, a new friend of Mom's recommended this cream to her for this dry climate. It worked superbly for her as it has for my sisters and me. One can immediately feel the cream penetrate the dry skin and it stays on longer than other lotions and creams. I've tried many others over the years because of their great claims, but NONE compare to LaViola...and I always go back to it. I like the scent of this original cream - maybe a little like medicine, but that's exactly what it is for dry skin. It would be wonderful to have it locally available in stores again.
(Posted on 1/15/14)
Mtn 2 ocean 2 desert dweller
As a child, my best friend's mother started me on this cream when my feet cracked. I had been unable to find it for years and happily found it again on your site. It does wonders for my extremely dry cracked/raw hands and feet. I slather it on and then use gloves & booties at night. Thanks for continuing to make the smelly pink cream. Great stuff!!!!! Ordering & shipping easy to do. (Posted on 1/9/14)
Francine S
Great product; hard to find! Shipping process took way too long. (Posted on 12/31/13)
As a physician, I wash my hands a lot. As a resident of Colorado, I know dryness. I appreciate La Viola's paraffin-based formula, because it doesn't quickly wash off nor leave my hands greasy. I've used it for years, and keep several containers at home and office, especially in winter. (Posted on 11/3/13)

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