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La Femme Lipstick - Choose your color!

With a fabulous array of lustrous colors there is a La Femme Lipstick to match every look every mood and every fantasy. Shades contain high levels of pigments for vibrant full-coverage color with impact. Luxurious moisturizing cream formula makes lips incredibly soft and smooth.

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Note: Some shades may or may not be available (Please call to confirm 1-800 588 0244)

Cream Lipstick Colors Pearlized Lipstick Colors
Cinne Rust Aloha Pearl
Cleo Red Brandy Over Ice
Cranberry Bronze
Flare Cranberry Ice
Nile Pink Flare Ice
Peach Glow Frisco Peach Ice
Peach Sparkle Frosted Berry
Pink Chiffon Frosted Grape
Pink Glow Golden Bronze
Pink Rapture Golden Chiffon
Red Roses Golden Spice
Royal Masquerade Icy Plum
Sienna Icy Red
Sunset Orange Icy Willow Pink
Teaberry Luminous Pink
  Magenta Ice
Wine Rose Mauve Frost
#40 Melon Ice
#43 Misty Mauve
  Mod Pink Pearl
  Mon Cherie Pearl
  Raspberry Ice
  Regal Ice
  Spun Sand Ice
  Tangerine Ice

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For the price and quality it is the best lipstick. Been wearing La Femme lipstick for over 10 years. Have tried all the top end brands, yet I still have to have La Femme in my makeup drawer. (Posted on 1/23/16)
La Femme forever!
I have been purchasing LaFemme for over 25 years. Great colors, no fragrance (perfect for me). Impossible to find in stores or local beauty supply. I always purchase as many as in stock of my color (Aloha Pearl). (Posted on 9/18/14)
Can't find this lipstick in the stores, so it's nice to know there is somewhere I can buy it. (Posted on 8/8/14)
I have been wearing LaFemme lipstick since 1986. so glad that it is still on the market. couldn't find it for the longest time but found it at Ball Beauty. Beautiful colors and beautiful people, especially Michael at Ball Beauty. (Posted on 4/30/14)
so very glad to my friend back. I already bought some and am going back for me. thanks Ball Beauty for bringing back my favorite colors! AND, La Femme lipsticks in general. (Posted on 2/18/14)
Angela W
I have been using this lipstick for years and it seems to have disappeared from beauty supply stores. I am so pleased to have found an interline source that I bought four! Excellent quality, excellent service! I will be back! (Posted on 11/18/13)
My La Femme lipstick color had been obsolete for years and when I searched Google and found my melon color I was sure there was some mistake, but I ordered it anyway. I`m so EXCITED...it just arrived and I couldn`t be happier. This is one lipstick where the color goes on the same color as your looking at, and stays that same color. So many of the more pricey ones don`t go on the same color as it looks in the tube, and then gets darker as it wears off. I LOVE La Femme lipsticks and hope it stays around as long as I do! Great rue colors and a bargain price for the fine quality.
One happy girl! (Posted on 5/5/13)

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