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Kneipp Eucalyptus Cold & Flu Herbal Bath Oil 6.7oz Bonus Size

Kneipp Eucalyptus Cold & Flu Herbal Bath Oil 6.8oz Bonus Size
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Kneipp Eucalyptus Cold & Flu Herbal Bath Oil 6.8oz Bonus Size

ACTIVE HERB: Eucalyptus
Sinus Relief -A natural disinfectant, relief of runny nose, sinus congestion and allergies.

This highly concentrated bath treatment with aroma-intensive, essential eucalyptus oil from an evergreen tree, stimulates and helps relieve sinuses especially during cold and flu season. Use Eucalyptus when you feel feel a cold or flu coming. The signs could be chills, stuffy nose, head congestion, general tiredness. It is also helpful during allergy season and can be cooling in summer.

Use one capful of Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil for each bath. For best results, bathing time should never exceed 15 to 20 minutes. Most Kneipp bath therapy starts with water that is body temperature or slightly warmer (98.6-104F). Sleep inducing, relaxing baths should be a little cooler, (97-98F) and it is advisable to take a warmer bath (102-104F) with the onset of a cold or when suffering from rheumatism. Never bathe if you have a fever, and baths that are too hot put a strain on the circulatory system. A foot bath or partial bath is recommended when suffering from cardiac conditions or cold and flu. After a bath, replenish skin by massaging the body with Kneipp Body Lotion or Body Oil. This helps the skin to regain its natural pH balance and form a protective layer.

Tip: When you feel the first signs of a cold coming on, take a foot bath with increasing temperature. Dip both feet into a bowl filled with warm water of about 95˚ F. Add a few drops of Kneipp Eucalyptus Herbal Bath and continue to add hot water to increase the temperature. After 15 minutes, water temperature should be 104˚ F. Soak 5 more minutes in water before toweling off your legs. Relax in your bed for 20 minutes for maximum benefit of your therapeutic foot soak. (this method should not be used by persons w/ vascular conditions)


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This is a repeat of my other review but still holds true! The Eucalyptus is one of my favorites tho and I have to replenish every season! I have used Kneipp products for over 30 years and still have never found anything that comes close to comparing with them. They are an effective herbal treatment and the natural aromas waft thru the house just preparing the bath. I highly recommend all the Bath Oil products. (Posted on 9/8/14)

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