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Hairseptic Scalp Hair Treatment 8 Fl. oz. (236ml)

Hairseptic for Hair and Scalp care Treatments with every shampoo & set - leave on hair.

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Hairseptic Scalp/Hair Treatment - Dry Shampoo.

  • For Home or Instituitional Use.
  • Perfect for Times When Bathing is Difficult.
  • Use for the Disabled, Elderly, Injured or Sickly.
  • Treats Itchy, Flaky, Greasy, Scalp and Hair Conditions.
  • Has many valuable uses, makes your shampoo clean better.
  • Works wonders regardless of hair or scalp condition. Apply to dry scalp and leave on. Will not strip color. Works with: Bleach, Toners, Color & Permanents Crust Thin Hair Split Ends Oily Hair - Damaged Hair - Brittle Hair - Dry Hair - Cradle Cap - Loosens build-up of scales and allows for removal with a mild shampoo allowing the scalp to heal itself. Use under wigs to stop itching.

Hairseptic Scalp Hair Treatment 8 Fl. oz. (236ml) Review

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I was having trouble finding this locally and very glad to find it (at a better price than other sites) on the Ball Beauty website. I often use this product in the winters when dry scalp is more of a problem and it really helps and doesn't leave my hair greasy after use. (Posted on 3/30/14)

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