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Fa German Bath Products

Fa German Bath ProductsFA Cosmetics, Europe's most popular brand of bath and shower products, is now available as a complete line with a choice of three enchanting fragrances.

We are pleased to be able to present the full line of FA Bath and Shower products. Please note that all FA items we offer are manufactured in Germany, France and Italy.
Henkel Cosmetics, Inc., the manufacturer of FA has recently revamped it's product line and has added, discontinued and renamed numerous flavors of many of it's products.




Fa Foam BathFa Foam Bath  Fa Foam Bath

Indulge in FA's luxurious foam and pamper your skin with the rich ingredients of this European formula. 
Fa Foam Bath gently cleanses and refreshes your skin and contains a special protein factor to 
moisturize your skin and maintain it's natural balance.



Fa Shower GelFa Shower Gel  Fa Foam Bath

Enjoy FA Shower Gel, the fascinating European product especially developed for gentle, invigorating 
cleansing in the shower. FA's non-soap formula contains special moisturizing agents to protect your 
skin against dehydration and to maintain it's natural balance.


Fa Bar SoapFa Bar Soap  Fa Foam Bath

Fa luxury bar soaps, with it's creamy lather, cleans thoroughly and is wonderfully refreshing. 
Contains precious oils which gently care for your skin. Dermatologically tested and biodegradable




Fa DeodorantFa Deodorant  Fa Foam Bath

Available in either Stick, Roll-On, Non-Aerosol Atomizer Spray and Aerosol Spray. 
FA deodorants/antiperspirants (A/P) are gentle, yet effective for long lasting protection. 
Available in numerous refreshing FA fragrances.