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Kneipp Rosemary Awakening Vitality Herbal Bath Oil 3.4oz (DISCONTINUED)

Kneipp Rosemary Awakening Vitality Herbal Bath Oil 3.4oz (DISCONTINUED)

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Kneipp Rosemary Awakening Vitality Herbal Bath Oil 3.4oz

Awakening Vitality- Improves circulation, awakens and energizes.

This concentrated bath treatment wakes up the whole body. It is invigorating and exhilarating. Most helpful for people with low energy. In ancient Greece, it was used in magic and medicine and to drive away evil spirits. It can stimulate circulation and energize the entire body.

Use one capful of Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil for each bath. For best results, bathing time should never exceed 15 to 20 minutes. Most Kneipp bath therapy starts with water that is body temperature or slightly warmer (98.6°–104°F). Sleep inducing, relaxing baths should be a little cooler, (97°–98°F) and it is advisable to take a warmer bath (102°–104°F) with the onset of a cold or when suffering from rheumatism. Never bathe if you have a fever, and baths that are too hot put a strain on the circulatory system. A foot bath or partial bath is recommended when suffering from cardiac conditions or cold and flu. After a bath, replenish skin by massaging the body with Kneipp Body Lotion or Body Oil. This helps the skin to regain its natural pH balance and form a protective layer.

If you have tired, heavy legs, the Rosemary soak may provide relief. Follow with a cold rinse.