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Kneipp Calendula Herbal Footcare

Kneipp Calendula Herbal Foot Balm: cools, deodorizes, purifies, conditions feet need special care and require a moisturizer that is different from face and body. It combines herbal extracts with intensive emollients and Vitamin E to penetrate the thickest skin, leaving these hardworking extremities soothed, soft, supple and protected.

Kneipp Calendula Herbal Foot Spray: cools, deodorizes, purifies This refreshing deodorant keeps feet cool, comfortable and dry throughout the day. This spray uses essential oils and plant extracts to cool, deodorize and purity.

Kneipp Calendula Rosemary Foot Butter: rich, moisturizing creme for very dry feet protects and moisturizes dry, stressed feet and helps to prevent cracks and calluses. In addition to shea butter, an intensive moisturizer, Kneipp Foot Butter contains soothing calendula extract, 10% urea which helps skin moisturize and store moisture, as well as stimulating and beneficial rosemary oil. In addition, this product has been enriched with Panthenol and Vitamin E for a healthy skin.

Kneipp Calendula Rosemary Foot Bath Crystals: cleanse, moisturize, deodorize and revitalize tired, burning feet. These great bath crystals contain soothing calendula extract, stimulating and beneficial rosemary essential oil, and trace elements of minerals found in the thermal brine of salt to stimulate and help with restless legs.

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