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Kneipp "Rescue Kit" Set of Baths (6 x .68 fl.oz )

Kneipp "Rescue Kit" Set of Baths (6 x .68 fl.oz )

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Kneipp Collection of 6 Herbal Baths Gift Set

The "Rescue Kit" of Herbal Baths help restore and maintain well-being, naturally. Whether you are suffering from a nasty cold, had a stressful day at work or feeling sore from an intense workout, this kit contains all of your go-to remedies, just soak for 15 minutes!

Assortment includes:
Eucalyptus, Juniper, Lavender, Arnica, Valerian & Hops and Pure Bliss.
Fill Tub, add Herbal Bath and mix gently. Each .68oz bottle good for 1-2 Baths. Water Temperature: 97-100 F/ 36-38 C. Bathing time: 15-20 minutes