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Cinema Secrets - Professional Moisture Spray - 2 oz. (DISCONTINUED)

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Cinema Secrets

Top-quality ingredients. Fine mist. Skin-rejuvenating moisturizing formula. Water-based.  


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Made with the same top-quality ingredients found in heavy creams but applied via a fine, refreshing mist, Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray absorbs excess powder for a natural-looking finish--and rejuvenates skin. The moisturizing formula contains NAPCA, elastin, collagen, and sodium hyaluronate in a pure iodized water base.
This all purpose Moisture Spray is designed to add moisture to the skin, help Cinema Secrets Foundation spread thinner, smoother and set powder as well as provide a dewy, fresh look.  Continued use can help slow down the wrinkling process. 
To prevent dehydration of skin in dry climates and artificial environments such as office buildings and airplanes - spray every 1-2 hours.

• Adds moisture–without heavy oils
• Visibly softens lines, smoothes texture and evens makeup
• Sets makeup for long-lasting wear
• MoistureZomes time-release liposomes deliver hydration between skin cells
• Compatible with wet and dry foundations
• Over time, aids in evening skintone
• Thins foundations for sheer coverage
• Conditions makeup brushes
• Refreshes skin during travel

Directions: To apply makeup using a sponge - Spray 1 or 2 times onto Cinema Secrets Professional Sponge to dampen slightly, then dip sponge into makeup. 
To set makup - After powdering face, hold 10 to 12 inches and spray onto face lightly.  To refresh and revitalize skin - Spray 2 to 3 times a day.
Ingredients : Deioniezed water, sodium PCA, sodium hyaluronate, cetrimonium chloride, collagen, panthenol, allantoin, glycerine, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, imidaz-olidinyl urea. 

Cinema Secrets - Professional Moisture Spray - 2 oz. (DISCONTINUED) Review

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