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Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleaner and Eyes Off Eye Makeup Remover

Brush and Eyes Off

Brush Off

Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleaner

What is Brush Off Cleaner? Brush Off was initially developed to help makeup artists clean brushes at the makeup counter. Now, many of the worlds leading cosmetic companies use Brush Off before each makeover.

brush off cleanerSimply spray Brush Off directly onto your brush (a couple of times is enough)

  • Take A Tissue
  • Brush It Off
  • Dries in Moments
  • Repeat as needed

Compare the Brush Off Way to the old way of washing your brushes with soap and water, leaving them to dry overnight and hoping they will be dry before you need them. Chances are you put off cleaning your makeup brushes because of the hassle.

It is very economical to keep your personal makeup brushes clean all the time. Below is the cost break down by bottle size and cost per spray.


2 oz pump spray @ $8.50 cleans approx 100 brushes or 8 cents / brush  Brush Off 2oz
4 oz pump spray @ $12.50 cleans approx 200 brushes or 6 cents / brush  Brush Off 4oz
16 oz refill @ 29.95 cleans approx 800 brushes or 3.7 cents / brush  Brush Off 16oz



Eyes OffEyes Off Eye Makeup Remover

Eyes Off, a eye makeup remover is also available from Brush Off.  eyes off remover

A gentle, oil-free eye makeup remover designed to effectively dissolve all traces of eye makeup. Eyes Off is non-irritating, although some sensitive users may briefly experience minor stinging. Formulated with Sodium PCA to help soften and moisturize the delicate eye area.


4oz Bottle: $14.50  Eyes Off