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Avigal 100% Natural Henna 16 oz. Bag - Champagne

Avigal Henna 16 oz. Bag - Champagne

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Avigal 100% Natural Henna 16 oz. Bag - Champagne



Chemical-based hair color is not an option for many consumers: allergies, pregnancy, color-resistant hair, and sensitive scalps prevent many from using chemical colors. A new  study linking chemical color to brain tumors is now impelling many former users to search for a viable alternative. Happily, there is an answer: henna, the natural hair colorant.


What is henna?
Pulverized leaves, roots and stems of the Lawsonia plant family: Lawsonia Inermis, Lawsonia Elba and Lawsonia Spinoza. When mixed with hot water and applied to the hair in a paste mixture, these leaves create subtle and natural highlights to all shades of hair without drying or chemically altering the structure  of the hair.


How  do you get 13 shades of henna?
When 3 basic shades; Red, Black and Natural are mixed in various proportions, you are able to achieve 13 shades.

If hair is bleached or unusually dry, use a deep
conditioner before adding color. Henna coats the
hair and will lock in the moisture of conditioner.

Henna is most effective when applied to dry hair. If hair
needs washing, shampoo and dry before applying henna.

Brush hair thoroughly to rid of dust and build-up.

The longer you leave in henna, the more intense the final
shade will be. Shorter time will result in a lighter shade.
Dark hair takes longer to absorb. Light hair absorbs faster.

1. Gather materials; you will need:
henna, a non-metallic mixing bowl,
a wooden or plastic spoon, rubber gloves,
aluminum foil, boiling water and shampoo.

2. Cut piece of aluminum foil approximately
the length of your arm. Put aside until after
henna application.

3. For fine, short hair, use 3.5oz. (4 heaping tablespoons)
For shoulder-length hair, use 4.5oz. (6 heaping tablespoons)
For thick, shoulder-length hair, use 9oz. (8 heaping tablespoons)
For very, long, thick hair, use 17oz. (16 heaping tablespoons)

4. Put henna in bowl. Add boiling water,
gradually stirring (like mixing dough) until
mixture reaches the consistency of sour
cream. Proper mixing is important - mix
thoroughly for 5-7 minutes.

5. Put gloves on, apply mixture to dry hair.
Start application at the crown of head and
always work over a sink to prevent mess.

6. Work henna into hair. Continue
clockwise in a circular direction.

7. After henna has been applied to
each section, pile hair like a pyramid.

8. Wrap hair with aluminum foil to seal
natural body heat. For best results, henna
should remain on hair for recommended
time length. Refer to color chart.

9. Unwrap head, rinse thoroughly with warm water,
until water runs clear. For maximum color and sheen,
wait 24 hours to shampoo. Henna will continue coating
hair shaft. Color will begin to fade in 6 weeks. Re-apply
in 4-6 weeks for stronger and vibrant hair.

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I started using Avigal Henna about 25+ years ago, just when I was starting to get a tiny bit grey -- a few stands here and there.

I started with Strawberry Blonde which made my natural red/auburn hair look sun streaked. (It colors the light strands, i.e., the grey, the golden tones).

It's good to remember that when you use a light color, regardless of whether it's Champagne or another, it gives "natural" highlights.

As I got older and more and more grey, I kept using the Strawberry Blonde until the past few years. Now I mix Champagne (75%) with Strawberry Blonde (25%) and get a more complimentary mix for my face. It works so nicely with the darker parts of your hair. In other words, you get beautiful, golden red high lights!

I am not kidding when I say that, virtually every single day I go to a grocery store or shopping mall, at least one stranger stops me to tell me how pretty my hair is! I always tell them that they can have their hair this pretty too with Avigal Champagne and Strawberry Blond mix -- if they are heading towards middle age, they can look wonderful too! Sometimes, I've been standing in line at the post office instructing ladies how to use it, while giving them the web address and colors!

Feel free to ask me any questions. (Posted on 1/8/15)
Love how it turns my greys a nice blonde to complement my strawberry blonde natural hair. (Posted on 6/22/14)
I"ve tried all brands of henna and Avigal, without question, is the best for hair color. It rarely ever fades. For this reason, if one is gray or starting to have gray hair, it is best to always start with a light color, like Champagne, as it makes your hair look sun streaked. You can always go darker on your next coloring BUT IT IS DIFFICULT TO LIGHTEN ONCE YOUR HAIR IS dyed dark! Remember, henna changes color by Absorption only, not by a chemical change like Clairol That's why you want to start Light. Then add a darker color on top if you prefer that look. (Posted on 3/26/14)

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