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Toppik Hairline Optimizer

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Create a more natural-looking hairline when you use the Hairline Optimizer by Toppik. The irregular prongs of the stencil comb will enable you to perfectly frame your face near the top of your forehead and near the temple areas. The fibers are dispersed in a random pattern which looks more like a natural hairline.
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It can be difficult to achieve a natural looking fron hairline, with the Toppik Hairline Optimizer, you are able to instantly create a natural hairline by dispersing the Toppik Hair Building fibers randomly.  The precision Hairline Optimizer Comb allows you to improve application of Toppik along your hairline removing any excess product along the way, providing a softer, more natural look instantly. 

Directions: Insert the teeth of the Hairline Optimizer into your hairline and shake or spray in Toppik Hair Building Fibers using the Toppik Spray Applicator.