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Spritz n' Color - Spray for covering bald spots (New Packaging)

Erases Bald Spots!
Spray on...Bald Spot Gone
Color Spray use for: THINNING and/or BALDING
Spray on and Bald Spot will disappear INSTANTLY 

Available NOW in 1- Dark Brown (formerly Brown), 2- Medium Brown (Formerly Light Brown), 3- Black , 4- Gray


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Shampoo and dry hair thoroughly. Remember, you should shampoo every morning and re-spray. Shake well before each use and spray sparingly for the best effect.

Spritz 'n Color will not come off in plain water. However, the unique allows it to wash out completely with shampoo.

For bald spots: Shampoo and dry. Comb hair away from balding area. Hold nozzle 4 to 6 inches from scalp and spray bald area lightly with a rotating motion. Let dry for about three minutes. Comb hair over sprayed area. Use sparingly for best effects.

For thinning hair: Shampoo and dry. Starting at the back of head, part hair parallel to the forehead. Hold spray nozzle 4 to 6 inches from part and spray on part. Repeat parting and spraying lightly at inch intervals, moving toward forehead. Comb hair back from forehead and spray hair. Let dry for three minutes. Comb hair.

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This stuff is great for thinning hair makes my hair look full like i have a full head of hair the only thing is that if you don't was it out every time you use it it's going to rub off and make a mess i will be buying more of this stuff (Posted on 10/11/14)

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