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Spornette Icera #6045 3" Diameter

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Ionic bristles help break down water molecules for rapid absorption into the hair. This promotes healthier, shinier hair. The ceramic barrel absorbs heat so hair will dry faster and hair styles will last longer. Spornette's Icera brushes combine both properties in 2 brush styles to give you great results.

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We are proud to feature many of the Spornette line of quality hair brushes. Having been the leader of the professional hair brush market for over 40 years, Spornette continues to be a family owned business that is known for the quality and diversity of their product line as well as for their service and loyalty to customers. The Spornette range includes all of the most popular styles used in the professional hair care industry today. Keeping with trends and responding to their customers requests and needs, Spornette offers a solution to your every hair care need.