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Pharmagel Fleur-5 Plus Antioxidant Cleansing Bar 5.3oz

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Pharmagel Fleur-5 Plus Bar

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Pharmagel Fleur-5 Plus Antioxidant Cleansing Bar 5.3oz

Product Classification:
Fleur-5® is an all natural cleansing bar for the face and body. It contains the secret cleansing and moisturizing properties of five rare plant essences. Fleur-5® is non-drying and contains no animal ingredients. There are no irritants in this low pH bar, therefore it is gentle enough for a baby’s sensitive skin. White Hawaiian ginger provides an invigorating aromatic fragrance.

Method of Use:
Gentle cleansing for face and body.

Active Ingredients:
Awapuhi -Moisturizing. Calendula -Calming. Ginseng -Invigorating. Aloe Vera -Calming. Chamomile -Moisturizing.

Calendula has miraculous anti-inflammatory benefits.

Aloe has been known to heal eczema and psoriasis.

Oat Flour refines the size of the pores and exfoliates the skin.

Ginseng is a powerful antioxidant.

Skin “throws off” dead skin on the upper layer every four hours. It is the dead skin lying on the surface of the skin, combined with oils & other body wastes & atmospheric pollution, that makes our faces dirty.

Cleansing your face more than once a day is first aid for lifelong beauty!

Chlorine-treated water is very drying to the skin. Keep your skin moisturized with products that really penetrate the skin such as those containing substantial amounts of Aloe Vera.

Pharmagel Fleur-5 Plus Antioxidant Cleansing Bar 5.3oz Review

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